Who Can Donate Birth Tissue

Expecting mothers (age: 18–45 years), whose physician is in the GaiaGift network, are eligible for donation.

It Starts with a Conversation

Your OB/GYN will speak with you about options for banking your birth tissues with a private or public bank. If you choose not to bank your tissue and would like to donate your birth tissue to GaiaGift, please contact us by filling out this simple form.

A GaiaGift representative will call you within 48 hours to walk you through the entire process, collect information from you, and answer any questions you may have.

Pregnant mother medical screening for donation

What GaiaGift does with
Your Donated Birth Tissue

Once our team receives your donated birth tissues, we work immediately to collect the rich populations of stem cells and other cells from these tissues. These cells are then provided to our network of medical researchers and therapeutics developers to further their efforts in developing next-generation medical therapies for a variety of diseases.

The Step-by-Step Donation Process

The donation process is largely aligned to your maternal journey and will require very little time and effort on your part.

  1. Receive information from OB
  2. Decide to donate birth tissue and meet donation criteria
  3. Provide consent and fill out health questionnaire
  4. Upon approval, obtain additional bloodwork 7 days prior to anticipated delivery date, if necessary
  5. Baby is delivered, and birth tissue is securely packed
  6. Your tissue is safely collected at the hospital by GaiaGift staff
  7. GaiaGift processes the birth tissues and makes a donation to the charity of your choice in honor of your gift

GaiaGift will Multiply Your Gift’s Impact

We will make a monetary donation in honor of your generous gift to one of the non-profit organizations below that work to aid mothers and children in the Greater Miami area.

Your GaiaGift representative will take note of which organization you would like us to support in your honor.